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Sept 2020
May 2020

Covid-19 Volunteers

We are rather short staffed for now because several of our Volunteers have understandably decided to be 'Socially Distant', though many of these ladies are collecting books to clean and sanitise at home.

The others of us are taking the best care we can of both you, our customers and ourselves, with hand sanitiser and gloves available on our desk.

We now have some new volunteers.

Welcome Chrissy & Vanessa.

A BIG Thank-you to ALL our volunteers


Bruce is back

manning our desk

You can still earn some Bookshop Credit
 by Making a donation to the REEA Foundation
Please see below for details.

April 2020      

Donate to the REEA Foundation for Bookshop Credit

The Bookshop ladies are very worried that the REEA Hostel and its Residents will not be getting their usual funding from the Bookshop this month.

All the monies collected at the Bookshop from selling our books go directly towards the running costs of the Hostel.

24-hour nursing care and 3 meals a day are the bare necessities for our residents who have been locked down for more than two months already. Given the vulnerable status of our residents, pre-emptive lockdown was instituted as soon as social distancing was announced early in March.

We propose that if you EFT a donation to the REEA Foundation, bank details below, the Bookshop will send you a voucher to the value of your donation plus 10%, to be redeemed for books when the shop re-opens.

For this to work, you will have to send a proof of payment from your bank, and ALSO send us your e-mail address so that we can forward your voucher.

If you feel able, can you please find it in your hearts to donate to us.

Bank Details

REEA Foundation

Nedbank Limited

Branch Code: 197205

Acct no: 1523013834

 1          Please send Proof of Payment to

using your name, plus "BS" as reference

 ALSO, if your bank automatically sends proof of payment, please send us an e-mail as well, so that we can forward your Bookshop Voucher.

Level 1 (Sept '20)

We are back to our normal opening times nowo




From 9:30-13:00 

Tues & Thurs